Caching and performance deep dive 2.0 - A practical workshop

Fabian Franz

Drupal has the most advanced caching system of any CMS out there right now. This leads to many opportunities to create the fastest Drupal sites ever and easily cache content directly at the edge, but there are also many challenges, problems and learning curves to overcome. This session wants to provide every participant with the tools and knowledge via practical exercises to understand caching and performance optimization deeply.

Building upon a successful session at DrupalCon Global 2020, this session will be in Workshop form and feature practical exercises - so bring your Laptop if you want. I will invite participants to the stage (via a conferencing tool) to share their screen, show their solutions to exercises, discuss questions, and let us all learn together.

### Changes from last time

In the first part we will also discuss in more detail:

- How to create your own cache bin
- A real life example of using a cache context
- Cache Contexts with decoupled Drupal (it's possible!)
- Testing out various placeholder strategies

In the second part we will go even further and discuss the most requested feature after my last talk:

- How to do efficient authenticated user caching
- How to combine that with a Content Delivery Network

The session wants to teach you via a practical approach what the fundamentals of performance are, so that everyone is empowered to improve performance of their sites so that we can finally have a fast web!

It is targeted as a beginner-friendly session, but will show concepts, patterns, exercises and insights that can help everyone that is interested in learning more about the caching mindset.

The session outline will roughly be:

1. What is caching?
2. What should you cache?
3. Where should you cache?
4. Common Caching Problems
5. Caching Beyond Drupal

By very popular demand it will also show:

6. Authenticated User Caching
7. Authenticated User Caching at the edge

### Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

- Cache Content manually and know how to vary it and when it needs to be invalidated
- Understand what fundamental ideas lie behind caching and apply it to all instances of caching
- Have practical tools and ideas at hand to solve common caching and performance pitfalls within Drupal 8 - including placeholders and authenticated user caching

### Prerequisites

Participants should have a basic understanding of PHP and Drupal 8 and if they want to participate should be able to install, run and modify a site including basic usage of drush.

### About the speaker

Fabian has architected large parts of the Drupal caching system. Unfortunately a lot of potential of the caching system has not been realized, yet. His motivation is to empower the Community to make the most out of this system.

*Session Materials*

When & Where

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020 - 15:15 to 17:15
Barcelona room