Custom Elements: An alternate Render API for decoupled Drupal

Wolfgang Ziegler

With the help of the Custom Elements module you can decouple your frontend, while keeping Drupal's features like full page caching, layout builder or editorial controlled path aliases! The module enables you to render your site's content into custom elements and to turn Drupal into an API backend for a component-based, decoupled frontend.

After an introduction of the architecture and the reasoning behind it, we'll take a closer look at the module's APIs and capabilities, e.g.:

- Rendering entities as custom elements
- Providing custom blocks, routes and API endpoints
- Caching & handling cache metadata
- How to connect your frontend
- Enabling previews & Custom Layouts

*Session Materials*

When & Where

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 - 08:15 to 08:55
Barcelona room