Data Driven International Platforms for Positive Outcomes


Data Driven International Platforms for Positive Outcomes

How can an international Team in the Netherlands build and scale a platform model for health, reproductive rights and inclusion that works for the country and the people where it is published and read? Using Drupal, Social API’s, Open Source tooling in a modern Data Lake, we can not only deliver data driven content for users who need it but also measure its effectiveness and engagement over time and across platforms, in multiple languages and near real time insights. With Data Driven decision making we can demonstrate positive impacts for countries and communities that need information about SRHR topics using their local voices.

Presenting a case study on Love Matters, A pleasure positive approach to SRHR with regional teams in Middle East, China, India, Mexico and Africa with Drupal at its core. We cover 7 languages and multiple social media platforms per region coherently delivering timely articles and needed information backed by Data Science.

In this case study we examine and share structuring multilingual taxonomies, aligning content, testing and tracking its activity and proliferation through social platforms. By doing so we can understand engagement better and direct conversations to where it’s needed and demonstrate effective outcomes rather than just publishing and hoping for the best. This gives the editorial team confidence and most importantly our readers the best chance at the right information. We are using open source tooling to build and run this adaptive Data Driven Loop.

This is as much about the Drupal CMS, it’s API, the technology stack linking the publishing platforms as it is about the strategy to help publish engaging, informative and factually correct articles, content and links to services. Both the content strategy and the architecture of the technical stack need to be aligned. Content is measured, stats and hashtags are tracked, shares and reactions are safely retained and using Apache Airflow, BigQuery, Metabase and creative intelligent authoring we get the most out of this platform that can adapt to the multilingual regions they serve. This keeps teams on track and users access to the best information when they need it.

RNW Media’s Digital Specialists in the Netherlands partners with the regional teams on this modern data driven stack and we would like to share what we have learned with the Drupal and Open Source community. We would like to show other teams how they can more effectively publish content, measure its engagement and then boost the outcomes for its audience with modern big data methods augmenting Drupal as the fantastic API first CMS that it is.

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Alexander Noakes.

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When & Where

Thursday, 10 December, 2020 - 16:15 to 16:35
Darmstadt room