Drupal - the choice of the Australian government

Alfred Deeb, Steven Worley

Over the past four years most jurisdictions across Australian government at federal and state levels have rapidly adopted Drupal as their chosen platform to host their public websites. Learn how the open source platform has been helping solve the technical and non-technical challenges common at all levels of government.

Presented by Salsa Digital’s founder Alfred Deeb, who has been advocating and contributing to the movement in Australian government, and Steven Worley Salsa’s whole-of-government platform architect, it provides insights directly from four major Australian government jurisdictions, their journeys so far and their views on:
1. Why Drupal is so successful in Australian government
2. How Australian government has encouraged uptake
3. Adoption trends of Drupal in major Australian jurisdictions
4. The various implementation flavours and architectures across jurisdictions
5. How knowledge sharing across the jurisdictions has fostered open government

Speakers: Alfred Deeb and Steven Worley

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When & Where

Thursday, 10 December, 2020 - 10:30 to 11:15