A magazine approach for storytelling

Ina Widmer

A magazine approach for storytelling

This Session is valuable for marketeers, project managers, users and technologists (Drupal devs, SEO experts)

Based on our client schweizerfleisch.ch we want to show

- why Drupal can fuel a story telling approach on a magazine base
- why a taxonomy concept gives vast flexibility

We will provide the insights based on

- business case and end user view
- editor and technical perspective

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to

- know the advantages of a magazine approch
- know how taxonomies can make a difference for segmentation / filtering
- know more about how taxonomies can help with SEO improvements

Feedback for Track Chairs (below)

Brief Overview as

The "Schweizer Fleisch Magazin" claims to be the leader in the subject of Swiss meat. Along the strategy, the magazine places consumers and their needs (from private to teaching to gastronomy) at the center and conveys primarily Swiss meat knowledge with the aim of strengthening appreciation, trust and sympathy in the product and its local production ,
The aim is to anchor the message of the subtle difference between Swiss meat on demanded and readable content attractive and sustainable.
The "Swiss Meat Magazine" combines the claim and appearance of a food magazine with the reading and searching habits on the internet. The magazine transports preparation knowledge, specialist knowledge as well as reports and background information on sustainable and domestic production. This is achieved through the consistent use of digital journalistic forms of representation (and micro-interactions).
Supplemented with supporting measures, the number of returning visitors is to be significantly increased and the breadth of the content consumed shall be widened.

Project and goals:
A magazine with basic knowledge of Swiss meat for the target group of consumers as well as the gastro-professionals. Qualitative and user-oriented content and a coordinated communication and channel strategy should enable the platform to significantly increase its organic visitors and, overall, to achieve more recurring visits. The aim is to anchor the message of the "subtle difference of Swiss meat". The platform positions "Swiss Meat" as a theme guide.

Targets of the project

1.) A central hub, valuable content, satellites optimized for digital consumption and the target audience
2.) Better content mediation and user guidance through the content model (Content Model)
3.) Constant analysis (learning & development) in a highly competitive environment

Why Drupal was chosen
Creating a magazine also means that it is absolutely crucial to display the content in different places. Furthermore SEO is highly important to give significant emphasis on each topic. Having a rich set of teasers also helps the user to keep on reading and move from story to story. Drupal helped. With a progressive decoupled approach, we made sure to use the right technologies for the different challenges the site provided. The most important feature is the filterable taxonomy based on which content pages get there URLs on the fly. This also helps providing a vast number of highly specific detail pages. A valuable grouping based on ressorts allows to quickly find historical related topics.

*Session Materials*

When & Where

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 - 08:15 to 08:35
Prague room