Multichannel publishing - reaching additional output channels with content segmentation and direct output and orchestration of Digital Signage devices all from within Drupal


Drupal's leading edge content management and moderation framework is widely used in public and private online platforms of all sizes, all around the globe.

With either responsive output or, more recently, headless client-side navigation and rendering applications of all sorts, content gets already used in multiple channels fed by a single content source.

More channels to push or otherwise deliver content get invented on a regular basis and Digital Signage is one of the technologies that not only became a significant component in modern digital business strategies but also has seen widespread deployment from a wider range of both hardware and platform service providers. DooH (Digital out of Home) in the world of marketing agencies leverage such infrastructure for latest techniques.

Combining the worlds of Drupal, the content management system already in place, and Digital Signage, the new and efficient way of digital communications, provides unseen benefits to both worlds. Avoiding content redundancies and keeping full control over editing and review processes, while utilizing high-end signage capabilities opens a massive new market area for Drupal site owners and agencies.

We have developed a general Digital Signage Framework for Drupal 8 and 9, which is made available as an open source module on In addition to the framework, a plugin for signageOS - a leading provider of API driven device management in the digital signage world - is available as an open source module on as well and plugins to integrate the framework into other platforms can be developed with very little effort.

This framework is already in production for big customers in the Real Estate industry in Europe.

The presentation will demonstrate the architecture of the framework, how it's integrated into signageOS and how that can be moved forward to other platforms as well. The second part will then present use cases in a number of different industries and how the Drupal community can benefit from the platform and where it's headed for the next years to come.

*Session Materials*

When & Where

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 - 10:30 to 11:10
Prague room