Top CMS Tools are Working Together to Build a More Inclusive World

Mike Gifford, Susanna Laurin

The We4Authors Cluster is a project that has brought together CMS developers from Drupal, Plone, SiteVision, and TinyMCE to explore the best practices in supporting authors to create more accessible content. This project is led by Funka, who are market leaders in digital accessibility in Europe. This community of developers is sharing their best practices in their frameworks and will also be building and testing best practices that every authoring tool should have.

This research initiative is funded by the European Commission. It is a really strategic initiative to improve authoring tools to make it easier to implement new accessibility guidelines. Member states of the European Union now have the responsibility to implement and maintain sites to meet the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. Drupal is the most popular CMS used by governments in the EU and so has a large role to play in helping to achieve the Web Accessibility Directive.

OpenConcept is acting as a Senior Advisor, as Mike Gifford was spearheading many of the initiatives in implementing elements of the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0 into Drupal 8. The We4Authors Cluster has a lot of great experience to challenge and extend the work that the Drupal community has done.

At the end of the initiative the results will be shared with everyone. It is in all of our best interests for accessibility best practices to be understood and more widely available.

Participants will learn:
- About the impact of authoring tools on a site’s accessibility
- Some of the best practices carried out in other publishing platforms
- Highlights of Drupal's leadership by adopting ATAG 2.0.
- Results of user testing of the prototypes built as part of the study
- Potential implications for sites working to meet the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive

Join Mike in learning how Drupal can make it easier for even more people to create inclusive content.

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When & Where

Thursday, 10 December, 2020 - 16:15 to 16:55
Main Stage