For Builders

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DrupalCon Global offers the latest in Drupal development for site builders and developers. Content is curated for those who build Drupal sites, from discovery to deployment. If you’re a developer, designer, project manager, site builder, team lead, or small shop, or hybrid of all this, you won’t want to miss your chance to participate.

Drupal 9 is here and will be a major focus of DrupalCon Global, as will hot topics such as UX, DevOps, Drupal Core, front/back end development, and more will be covered.



At DrupalCon Global you'll find all the Drupal 9 content you need:

  • Sessions about getting ready for the upgrade, whether you're on Drupal 7 or Drupal 8

  • Instruction from expert speakers about using Composer to manage your site

  • Programming about next generation features like the new administrative UI and the upcoming Olivero default theme

  • Tips and best practices for making your custom code Drupal 9 ready

Mini Summits are an opportunity to network with and learn from peers in your field who share the same interests, issues, and challenges. 

In lieu of the traditional full-day summits, DrupalCon Global will feature mini summits focused on highlights and innovations and will be integrated into the main conference program. Your ticket includes the opportunity to include as many of the mini-summits as your schedule allows. 

  • Community Summit: Are you part of a Drupal community or want to start one in your city? Whether you need help maintaining a long-standing camp or User Group; you’re new to the community and want to know where you can get involved; or you want to share a success story from your community, all are welcome.

  • Decoupled Summit: For those interested in building API-driven Drupal backed sites and applications to learn preferred practices, planning and implementation advice, and see case studies from existing sites. Sponsored by Pantheon, Srijan, Amazee Labs

  • Government Summit: This Summit aims to help connect you with Drupal users in government — be it US local, state, federal, or international  — to learn from each other about best practices, new trends, and generate ideas. Sponsored by

  • Healthcare Summit: The healthcare industry has been thrust into the spotlight due to recent events and challenges. Now more than ever, it's important to share ideas and proven methodology. This Summit will connect you with Drupal users in all aspects of healthcare from pharma, scientific, medical, and more. Sponsored by Mediacurrent, Palantir

  • Higher-Ed Summit: Using Drupal at a college or university? Attend this summit to connect with other Higher-Ed Drupal users, typically Web developers, managers, communicators, graphic designers, web editors and the like. The Higher-Ed summit is one of the most populars summits annually! Sponsored by Four Kitchens, Message Agency, Pantheon, and Aten

  • Libraries Summit: Calling all academic, public, school and special library Drupalers! Whether you do front-end or back-end development, project management, content strategy, create content for your library's website, or implement digital projects, we think you'll find something worthwhile by attending this summit full of presentations, networking and discussions. Sponsored by Aten

  • Performance & Scaling Summit: Prevent slow page loads and disastrous outages; learn the latest tools and techniques across the full stack to create fast, scalable Drupal applications.

  • Nonprofit Summit: Learn from peer Drupal users and experts, working in a variety of contexts in the nonprofit sector, about the ever-changing landscape of Drupal and the web, including new trends and current best practices. Sponsored by Aten, Message Agency


  • Deep dive: State of Drupal 9: Learn pressing topics such as the support timeline for major Drupal versions, which third-party libraries were updated, D9 compared to the latest minor release, & what's planned for Drupal 10.

  • Drupal and the Decentralized Web: With changes in open source licensing, business models, and tech stack, how does Drupal continue its mission of being a leader in the open web? Let's explore these topics in the context of Drupal and Web3.

  • Decoupled Drupal in real life: lessons from JSON:API at scale: With the introduction of  Varnish Cache support for JSON:API, existing Drupal projects can leverage the strengths of fast caching systems like Varnish with minimal Drupal configuration.


*Agenda subject to change.