Issue Workspaces: A better way to collaborate in issue queues


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In the past few years there were numerous conversations in the community about the need to improve issue queues and Git workflow on Suggestions ranged from implementing pull requests to migrating to a different self-hosted solution, such as GitLab, or 3rd-party site, such as GitHub. Meanwhile, new technical solutions have emerged for some of the challenges we are facing. One of them is issue workspaces.

Issue workspaces

  • They are a modernized version of our current workflow, which maintains the collaborative data model Drupal community uses.
  • They are very similar to “per-issue repositories”.
  • They make it possible to add support for pull requests and inline code editing in issues.
  • As a bonus, we can build it so that the patch process doesn’t break. This means no loss in project velocity while people learn the new tools.

In this session we will explain what issue workspaces are, and how they can be implemented on to improve our issue queue and Git workflow.

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Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 14:15 to 15:15
511BC - Pantheon