Managing a Project the Drupal Way


You're organised, you love spreadsheets, you're a great cheerleader, you handle a backlog with superhero skills, and now you're faced with managing a Drupal project and everything just feels foreign. It's not you, it's Drupal. The mix of site building, front end development, backend development, and over 20,000 contributed modules makes project management for Drupal exceptionally frustrating for people who've not worked with Drupal before.

This session will cover:

  • the basic Drupal development workflow (from a developer's perspective, but without using developer jargon) 
  • writing useful tickets which developers can accomplish 
  • estimation tips for multi-discipline tickets (design / back end / front end) 
  • ideal team structures -- and what to do if you can't get them 

Bring your questions, and bring your experience -- plenty of time will be left for discussion at the end of the session.

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Business and Strategy

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