Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Pricing, Discounts & Payment

• Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations or government agencies?

Unfortunately, we can't offer any discounted tickets for non-profits or government. We continue to keep ticket prices as low as possible so that organizations with price sensitivity can afford tickets. We encourage everyone to buy tickets early and take advantage of our early bird pricing. 

• Do you offer discounts or free tickets for volunteers?

DrupalCon is a big event and would not be possible without the help of our many amazing volunteers. However, we're not able to offer any discounts or free tickets for volunteers. All DrupalCon volunteers will receive a special volunteer t-shirt. If you have a few hours to spare, please indicate on your online registration form that you are interested in volunteering. Your help is much appreciated! 

• Do I qualify for the discounted student ticket?

If you are enrolled in a full-time or part-time program and have a valid student ID (for current term/year), you qualify for the discounted student rate. Valid student ID must be presented when picking up name badges onsite.

• What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Paypal and ACH/wire transfer. You will find payment instructions and bank information in your invoice, if you choose to pay via ACH/wire transfer. Full payment must be received no later than two weeks prior to the event. Please DO NOT send checks or cash. Due to international banking authorization and fees, we are unable to accept physical checks as payment.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

The Drupal Association is not a tax advisor and does not provide tax or legal advice. All decisions regarding the tax implications of your purchase should be made in consultation with an independent tax advisor. The material below is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified tax advisor, attorney, accountant, or other relevant advisor.

• My organization is VAT registered in Europe. Can VAT be taken off my invoice?

No, unfortunately not. While the Drupal Association, as the event organizer, is based in the United States, VAT is calculated based on the location of where the service or product is provided or purchased (in this instance in Ireland). Unfortunately, there is no way for us to verify tax exemption at the point of sale. Therefore, a 23% VAT applies to all DrupalCon Dublin ticket purchases. However, you may apply for a tax refund with your local tax agency after you purchase your tickets. Please consult with your own tax advisor or attorney with regard to your tax situation. The Drupal Association's VAT identification number will be on the invoice/receipt you receive once you complete your ticket order. If you are planning on filing for a VAT refund, please make sure to enter your organization's VAT identification number along with your billing information so that it will be printed on your invoice/receipt.

How to buy tickets

• Can I buy tickets for someone else?

Yes. If you already know who will be attending DrupalCon, please enter the email address of the attendee on the online registration form when prompted. The attendee will then receive a notification with a redemption code and instructions on how to redeem the ticket you purchased for them. If you don’t know who will be going to DrupalCon, you may leave the email field blank. Once you’re ready to assign the blank ticket to someone, log in to your account to access the individual ticket redemption code and give it to the attendee. The attendee has to redeem the ticket prior to the event at by entering the redemption code and their username.

• Can I buy multiple tickets for a group of people?

Yes. Please follow the steps as outlined above on how to buy tickets for someone else. 

• Do I need a account to register for DrupalCon?

Yes. You need an account to purchase or redeem DrupalCon tickets. If you don’t have a account yet, please sign up at It’s free and takes only a few minutes.

Cancellations, Refunds & Ticket Transfers

• I can't attend anymore. Can I get a refund?

Our refund policy states that DrupalCon tickets are non-refundable. However, we make it very easy to transfer your ticket to another person. Please send your transfer request to our Help Desk. We will cancel your ticket and issue a new redemption code for the person you would like to transfer your ticket to.

• I need to find someone to take my ticket. What do you recommend?

If you can no longer attend and would like to transfer your DrupalCon ticket to someone else, reach out to the Drupal Community via twitter @drupalcon or @drupalconEUR or IRC ( in #drupalcon. Once you've found someone and are ready to transfer your ticket, contact the Help Desk.

Onsite Registration & Badge Pickup

• Can I purchase tickets onsite?

Yes. DrupalCon tickets will be available for purchase throughout the conference at the onsite rate of 650 Euro + 23% VAT per person. One-Day Passes are available at 150 Euro + 23% VAT per person. To speed up onsite registration, please purchase your ticket online before you arrive at the Convention Centre so that we can have your name badge ready for you.

• When can I pick up my name badge onsite?

We encourage everyone to pick up their badge on Sunday or Monday, if possible, to avoid the crowds on Tuesday morning. The onsite registration desk will be open during the following hours:

Sunday, 20 September: 15:00 - 18:00
Monday, 21 September: 7:00 - 19:00
Tuesday, 22 September: 7:00 - 18:00
Wednesday, 23 September: 8:00 - 17:00
Thursday, 24 September: 8:30 - 14:00

• Do you offer coat check/luggage check?

Yes, coat and luggage check will be available at the Convention Centre during the following hours:

Monday, 26 September: 7:00 - 19:30
Tuesday, 27 September: 7:00 - 18:30
Wednesday, 28 September: 8:00 - 18:30
Thursday, 29 September: 8:30 - 17:00
Friday, 30 September: 9:00 - 17:00

• Do you mail out physical tickets prior to the event?

We don’t mail out physical tickets. Your confirmation email serves as your ticket and it’s a good idea to have the email accessible on your phone or laptop - just in case. However, you don’t need to print it. To pick up your name badge onsite, please come to the registration desk where we will look up your registration by last name.


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