DrupalCon is brought to you by the Drupal Association with support from an amazing team of volunteers and partners from around the world. Thank you to everyone for helping produce DrupalCon Dublin. We couldn't do it without you!

Programs Team Events Manager: Rachel Friesen
Lead DrupalCon Coordinator: Amanda Gonser
Being Human Emma Karayiannis
Karyn Cassio
Gábor Hojtsy
Business Stella Power
Dagmar Muth
Janne Kalliola
Coding and Development Pete Barnett
Pedro Cambra
Core Conversations Tim Millwood
Christian López Espínola
Larry Garfield
DevOps Nick Veenhof
Ricardo Amaro
Jason Yee
Front end David Corbacho Román
João Belchior
Ruben Teijeiro
Horizons Sally Young
David Hwang
Performance Bastian Widmer
Jason Yee
PHP Michael Cullum
Larry Garfield
Project Management Mike King
Ashleigh Thevenet
Shannon Vettes
Site Building Hernâni Borges de Freitas
Juan Olalla
Symfony Anne Sophie Bachelard
Business Summit Emma Jane Hogbin Westby
Myles Davidson
DevOps Summit Bastian Widmer
Community Summit Donna Benjamin
Sprint Leads Alina Mackenzie
Rachel Norfolk
Mauricio Dinarte
Matthew Radcliffe
Valery Lourie
Brian Gilbert
Cathy Theys
Training Selection Committee Rod Martin
Chris Shattuck
Kristen Pol
Social Media Paul Johnson
Grant and Scholarship Committee Andrea Soper
Adam Hill
Suchi Garg
Drupal Association Marketing and Membership Communications Manager: Bradley Fields
Membership: Lizz Trudeau
Sponsorship Account Manager: Mark Brandstetter
Account Manager: Delona Lang
Sponsorship Fulfillment: Tim Constien
Creative Design ADCI Solutions
Production Groundswell Marketing
Session Archiving Ryan is Hungry
The City of Dublin Dublin Convention Centre