Community Keynote: Enzo shares global community insight

The Drupal community is an international one, full of incredible people with amazing stories. What better platform to share those stories than DrupalCon? That's why we're so excited to have the DrupalCon Community Keynote on 29 September. A member of our community will share something that can benefit each of us.

For this keynote, we received impressive submissions with strong messages. (All part of a record number of submissions, actually.) We're delighted to tell you that Eduardo GarcĂ­a will be the Community Keynote speaker. Eduardo's talk? "Around the Drupal World in 120+ Days."

You may know Eduardo as -enzo-. He spent the last few months traveling around the globe, meeting many of the diverse and dynamic members of the Drupalverse. In his keynote, he'll talk about three topics from his journey:

  • Link with the community - community engagement now, and how we can do better
  • Language barriers - making introductions to Drupal multilingual and accessible for people around the world
  • Being a "knowmad" - creating connections for people who travel to different Drupal communities

Eduardo's presentation will cover many countries and Drupal events, and parts of various communities. It really will be a keynote from the community for the community.


We can't wait to have Eduardo on stage, and hope to see you there. Get your ticket to join us, today.

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