Drupal 8 in the Wild

Intrepid developers of the Drupal community!

This year saw the bravest of explorers venture out into the harsh and unforgiving landscapes of the World (Wide Web).

Wearing only t-shirts from past DrupalCons, they put all of their trust in the hard work of their friends and colleagues, as they set out on a mission: to use Drupal 8 on real projects!

Throughout their adventures, they left breadcrumb trails to retrace their steps, and put up signs to point others in the right direction. Some scribbled notes, kept diaries, and when they returned to (Drupal)Camp, shared stories and wisdom over the campfire…

Now it’s time to share your adventure, at the DrupalCon Dublin Coding & Development track.

Inspire and demystify

Anyone who’s been to a DrupalCon knows that there’s nothing better than leaving a session feeling enlightened, even if that’s just one small piece of wisdom that makes you think, or makes something a little bit clearer.

Let’s demystify the big (and small) development topics in D8, and inspire developers to move forward with confidence, knowing that they’re on the right path.

With Drupal 8 now firmly established in the wild, this is our chance to share and learn from our experiences so far!

So what are the best practices when working with Drupal 8? In what direction are we heading?

We have the maps, but now we have the guides - Let’s use this opportunity to discuss and shape our understanding of “The Drupal Way”, when it comes to developing for Drupal 8.

Join the adventure...

The range of topics is wide, so check out the Coding & Development track description and propose a session today. Remember your experience is always more valuable than you think, so if in doubt, submit early and give us a shout!

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Pete Barnett
Coding and Development Track Chair
DrupalCon Dublin