Drupal in Ireland - Project 4

As part of our series of showcasing what Drupal is doing in Ireland, we are happy to bring you another awesome online experience that Drupal has created.  

Project 4 - Lámh

Lámh is a manual sign systems used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. Lámh signs are used to support communication - they act as a stepping stone to communicating with the world. 

The signs are learned by families and staff at training courses, certain signs are learned at different training levels and the signs are not learned by rote, but rather by grouping signs for use in different scenarios.

Fluidedge was chosen to address the challenge of producing a responsive, private access online library of videos clips of tutors demonstrating the Lámh signs. Collaborating closely with our client and with a videographer, 800 video clips were produced, covering the entire Lámh vocabulary. Certain signs were filmed from different angles and close-up.

Fluidedge chose Drupal as the content management system, predominantly for its taxonomy capabilities, its user access control and its ability to integrate with third party video hosting services. The information architecture encouraged learning groups of words used in real-world scenarios, rather than by rote. Drupal allowed us to meet our client's nuanced training organisational structure - displaying specific video clips depending on which training course the user had attended. If the user completes additional training courses, they can access more Lámh signs to learn and review.

The private library is used successfully by families, staff and tutors and the resource has expanded to include tutor training materials for use during the Lámh training courses. Subsequent to this project, Fluidedge rebuilt the public-facing website for Lámh using Drupal at www.lamh.org

Client website: Lámh
Agency: Fluidedge