Dream Team therapy or how to maintain humans within a team.


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Team mental health is not an IT task. Not always, frankly speaking.

Well, honestly, there are a lot of use cases where "developers" had success about team building or crisis management, but it is more about luck, not about a common rule.

Team psychology is a science. By spending 8+ years for learning and practicing personal and group therapy, alongside with Drupal development, speaker was able to draw parallels between psychology and development processes, like

  • Pair Programming is sort of personal sessions about growing up for both
  • Team building has a lot of similarity with group therapy where hidden issues are roots of all evils
  • Distributed team members as well as closed, office based, need a lot of personal attention from Team Leads, Project Managers and other members for been able to create healthy ecosystem within
  • Talks(real, close dialogs, not a chicken s**t) is a powerful tool even in terms of projects delivery
  • Group desicions lead to better risk managementm then ones, made by one team members and here we(development teams) can grab a lot of experience from group therapy
  • Empathy is more usable when it is allowed from administrative operations as a company rule
  • Relaxing flow is more preffered for getting creative decisions(Design and Architecture) then tough, army based company control
  • Sometimes HR managers can help much more in order to not break deadlines than experienced developers or leads

By attending the session you will be able to discuss a real use cases about managing international teams, confict management, motivation for a different cultural issues and how to decide in what area the issue is - development, management or psychological.

Welcome to attend.

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Being Human

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Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00
Wicklow Meeting 1 | Lingotek