Drupal in the Dark: Offline-ready Decoupled Drupal 8 Using React & PouchDB


Most of us turn to Drupal as a flexible, reliable, and robust solution to the challenges we face in almost any workplace or context. However, not every office or employee has consistent connectivity. What do we do for a workplace that is primarily offline and out of range? How can we use Drupal technology to serve employees at companies with little or even no service, helping to solve their challenges when they can’t get online?

This session will take you through the steps to implementing an offline-ready decoupled Drupal 8 using React under the framework of a real-life scenario.

We’ll be using using real-world business cases that require decoupled databases, showing you how to build an offline-first administrative interface for Drupal 8 through RELAXed web services and React to serve up a truly modern application. We will wrap up with a technical demonstration of a working example of this application in the field, discussing implementation and security.

Attendees will take away the following:

  • Business cases for using decoupled Drupal 8 admin interfaces
  • Developer toolkits for building offline-first sites with RELAXed web services, PouchDB and ReactJS
  • Technical understanding of how to develop a decoupled Drupal 8 back-end with an off-line React front-end
  • Knowledge on how to harden RELAXed data security for enterprise grade applications

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When & Where

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 14:15 to 15:15
Ecocem Room | Sucuri.net