Enterprise Drupal Application & Hosting Infrastructure Level Monitoring

Daniel Kanchev

This talk shares the story of how SiteGround created an enterprise monitoring system for its Drupal VIP clients. As the person behind this SiteGround project I'll talk about the following topics in details:

1. What is an enterprise level monitoring system for Drupal sites and the underlying hosting infrastructure.
2. Why big enterprise Drupal sites need such a system and what is the business value for the customer.
3. What is the best way to technically implement a system which monitors and solves issues with sites that are extremely complicated.
4. Why a migration from reactive monitoring to SRE best methods is the only option for such sites.

At the end of the talk people will know the following:

- Why big enterprise Drupal sites need custom monitoring.
- Why traditional monitoring is not suitable for sites that use the latest technologies - Elasticsearch, Solr, Nginx, Redis, Docker, LXC.
- At the end of the talk the people will be familiar with the concepts of proactive system/site management. I'll talk about what site reliability engineers do and how a big part of this has been automated at SiteGround and why this is very important.

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Drupal Showcase

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