Leading Healthy Teams


The knowledge economy has changed the very nature of work, in a way which will prove to be even greater than the Industrial Revolution. Yet so many organisations attempt to apply industrial management approaches to creative knowledge workers. This leads to unhappiness, lower productivity, and even breakdown. It's not good for the organisation, it's clients, and especially for the team members. So let's change it.

Steve Parks has been leading creative teams in companies large and small since 1997. Before that he was a BBC reporter and producer managing teams in the production of radio programmes. He learned a lot from how creative people work at the BBC, and has been developing this knowledge through his career. He consistently achieves high feedback scores and loyalty from people in teams he leads.

The session will include how leaders can:

  • Build the foundations of trust and respect
  • Set the mission, and momentum
  • Help people be the best they can be, with continuous improvement, even if that means they will leave you one day
  • Set up organisational structures that support creative work rather than stifle it
  • Enable communications to build teams
  • Ensure there is emotional support for the ups and downs
  • Deal with problems


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Being Human

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When & Where

Tuesday, 27 September, 2016 - 15:45 to 16:45
Wicklow Hall 2B | Platform.sh