What Your Database Query Is Really Doing


Your code sends off that Structured Query Language (SQL) to the database server and (hopefully) your get some data back.  Back what is happening behind the curtin?  If you are a novice or rock star developer, you may not know realize when you send off your query to a MySQL server.  This session covers how your query (and maybe hundred of others) are collected at the server level, how the optimizer uses statistics plus other clues to build a query plan, how the cost based optimizer really figures out the ebst way to get the data, bot that 'best' may not be best, and how your data is return.    You will learn how the query optimzier is like the global positioning system computer in your car with old maps, how to track queries, how to peek at someone else's query as it runs, and more. This session start with the assumption that the database server is a mystery to you and builds until you have a high level understanding of how queries are collected, processed, and returned.  Your will gain valubale insights on how you can turn you queries, let the database do the heavy lifting, and become a more proficcient user of a database.  

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Performance and Scaling

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When & Where

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00
Liffey Meeting 1 | Johnson & Johnson EMEA Development Centre