Free Drupal Multilingual Workshop - Translate Your Website

In a traditional training session, leaders discuss fundamental concepts and digestible and easily understandable pieces of a larger concept. Ideally, these concepts and ideas make sense to the audience, who then feels confident in your their newly acquired skills. Typically, these trainees go back to their respective offices and are faced with the explosion of complexity that make up their actual project - an existing web site with corner cases and issues never covered during training.

Most of those familiar with adding multilingual capabilities to a web site in Drupal 7 know that it's all about corner cases. Every Drupal site is unique! As a result, your multilingual strategy will likely be quite different from the others in the training. To maximize your productivity, this training session will be more of a guided workshop where you can work through issues you are facing.

For the first two hours attendees will receive a brief overview of the multilingual landscape in Drupal 7. The trainers will cover a handful of the most common considerations site administrators must decide on when making an existing web site multilingual. We will also set up and then machine translate and post-edit an example site using the free tools available with the Lingotek translation module for Drupal. Then we will discuss the common problems site builders encounter when translating an existing site, and how to fix them. For the second two hours, attendees will be mentored as they enable a copy of their own web site for multilingual and then machine translate it using Lingotek. While clients rarely use machine translation for a production web site, this training will exercise your web site! It will quickly identify problem areas in your web site, such as modules or themes that are not ready for multilingual. You can learn best practices when dealing with your particular mix of modules. Those in attendance can talk through issues with the mentors and come up with a strategy for completing your multilingual web-site project with time to spare.

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Event Information

When: Monday, 21 September
Time: 13:00 - 17:00
AC Hotel Barcelona Forum
Paseo Taulat 278
Barcelona, 08019 Spain


Lauren Vandenberg