Meet the Local Community

The European DrupalCon in 2015 will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, one of the most visited and explored Spanish and European destinations for visitors from all around the world. But beyond the touristic appeal, Spain and Barcelona are the houses of very active and healthy Drupal communities.

DrupalCamp Spain 2015 - Jerez de la Frontera

(Photo: Pedro Lozano

The Spanish Drupalers are spread over the country, with local groups increasing their activities significantly over the past few years. DrupalCamps and DrupalDays have been held annually since 2010 and are organized by the Drupal Spanish Association - AED (Camps in Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, Cáceres, Valencia, Jerez de la Frontera and DDays in Barcelona, Valencia, Santander and Bilbao). Several other local events take place during the year to keep the drupal activity rolling, such as Global Training Days, Drupal Day, sprints, training sessions, Drupal & Beers, and many others.

Amongst the local groups, the Barcelona team is perhaps one of the most active and with the longest Drupal-related history in Spain. Big Drupal events that have taken place in Barcelona include:

  • DrupalCon Barcelona 2007
  • DrupalCamp Spain 2010
  • DrupalDay Spain 2011
  • Drupal Developer Days 2012
  • Drupal CXO Barcelona 2013

All local groups that have already organised a significantly-sized event know how this experience increases the group strength and give back a lot of energy to the future activities of the community.

The Catalan Drupal Association ( leads regular activities for Drupal developers, such as training events, sprints and informal meetups, as well as plays an important role in helping to increase adoption of Drupal within the local business community. Although Spain in general (and Barcelona in particular) both have good networks of companies that provide Drupal-related services (either exclusively Drupal or together with other services), there is still room for improving the Drupal presence, and the local community is doing a good job trying to spread the “Drupal word” within Spanish businesses.

Members of the Barcelona local community.

Do you want to know more about the community that fosters Drupal in Spain and Barcelona? Come to DrupalCon Barcelona 2015!

Want some help or advice in preparing your trip to Spain? Many members of the local community are very active on IRC and would be happy to help out. Just show up in #drupal-es or on freenode and say “¡Hola!”.

See you in September in Barcelona!