Tour de Drupal

Following the success of last year's Tour de Drupal to DrupalCon Amsterdam the community is organizing another Tour. This time the destination is Barcelona!

If taking a ride along the coast with friends with the warm sea breeze in your face sounds good to you then this is your chance to do it: join us for "Tour de Drupal Barcelona".

Since the main route to enter Barcelona comes from the north we are preparing a last leg to ride together on Sunday from Blanes (Train station at 9AM). This will be a ~60km ride to Barcelona on coastal roads so we can enjoy the amazing views and stop at some of the nice beaches along the way. . Many people cycle on these roads and consider them safe but please note that we have to share these roads with cars.

We plan an arrival to a beach chiringuito close to the venue and hotels on Sunday, September 20th between 6PM and 7PM. Food and drinks will be available to purchase for the triumphant Drupal Cyclists.

If you plan to rent a bike in Barcelona or are worried about not being able to pedal during the full ride there’s constant trains in every city of the route that allow bikes inside so you can join us anytime.

A couple of renting places recommended: Biciclot and e-bikerent. They have reasonable prices and suitable bikes to join our Tour.

It’s not too late to join in on the bike ride, where you can find information here. You can sign up in this spreadsheet.

Some memories on how it was last year:

Regardless of whether you fly, bike, or take a train— we’re looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona.

Images by @tourdedrupal and Jai Kapoor on Flickr.