We are excited to offer training courses at DrupalCon Nashville.

All trainings will be held on Monday, April 9, 2018 from 9:00am-5:00pm. Trainings are not included in a regular DrupalCon ticket. Training tickets include lunch and coffee breaks.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Certification

DrupalCon will offer professional, hands-on training on a variety of Drupal subjects by world-class Drupal trainers on Monday, 21 September 2015. 

The cost of attending a training is 500€ + VAT and includes a full day of professional training, breakfast, lunch, and breaks. Special training prices of 450€ + VAT will be available until 10 July 2015.

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The Acquia Certification Program is offering a live test center to earn your credentials while you are at DrupalCon! Testing during DrupalCon makes you eligible for a free retake if needed. Tests will be given from Monday, 21 September through Thursday, 24 September. For more information and to pre-register for your test, go to

"Application Development with the Symfony Components & Twig" is a training targeted to PHP and Drupal developers who want to improve their skills with PHP and Object Oriented Programming. It focuses on some professional PHP development tools like Composer, the Symfony Components and Twig template engine.

Training Company: SensioLabs

What is the Business Summit?

For a new twist on our keynotes, we are excited that our Thursday mainstage will highlight two community speakers that both have important and intersting topics that all Drupalers can benefit from hearing.  

On Monday, we will hold a community kickoff event for the week. Our goal is to help you make personal connections with the people that can help sustain your work and to set up all the conversations that you will have for the rest of the week. Attending the kickoff will allow you to form a strong base for your community conversations throughout the week and help set the agenda for the community. Here's our rough schedule for the day:

Belgium born Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert is a pioneer in the open source web publishing and collaboration platform space.

This course is for people wanting to know how to build a theme for Drupal 8. Starting with the installation of a fresh Drupal 8 site, we will make a copy of the Bartik default theme and then build on top of that. We will see how TWIG works by implementing some template files and add our own library in order to declare new CSS and JS files. Breakpoints, preprocessing and base theme will be covered as well as config files so that the theme could have its own responsive image styles. We will add a jQuery library to our theme in order to use it through template files.

Training Company: Trained People

All are invited to join the Drupal Association for our September public board meeting. Grab lunch from the Exhibit Hall and come on in! We ask attendees to please arrive on time to prevent disruption.

DevOps is a movement to make teams as efficient as possible through an emphasis on Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing. This training provides a crash course on optimizing your workflow, using techniques refined over years of professional Drupal work. We share our preferred development setup (including a Vagrant project we will use to build a copy of our environment), show you how to automate tests, deployments, and other tasks with Jenkins, demonstrate best practices, and work with you in small break-out groups to improve your own setup and workflow.

Training Company: Zivtech

To help ease newcomers into DrupalCon, we've put together an orientation designed to explain all DrupalCon's many moving parts and introduce you to a new friend or two. We think starting out the week with a buddy makes networking and navigating an unfamiliar event so much easier!

The event is short, so please be on time. We'll end at the Opening Reception where you can put your new DrupalCon knowledge to work.

Hope to see you there!



Join this free workshop if you are familiar with Drupal but new to Drupal contribution. This hands-on workshop will cover the basics of contribution essentials like the issue queues and IRC, and optionally git and setting up Drupal 8 on your laptop.

Date: Friday, 25 September
Time: 9:00 - 18:00
Location: Barcelona International Convention Center, Room 114
Cost: Free to attend, DrupalCon registration not required to participate

The best website is a fast website. Users are proven to be happier and more willing to spend time and money on your site when it loads fast and responds quickly to their actions. Adding performance to the ever-growing list of development responsibilities can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In this full-day training we'll cover development best practices to make your Drupal site fast, making the frontend as performant as possible.

Training Company: Four Kitchens

Do you want to manage content in Drupal but use something else to deliver it to your users? This is the class for you. We know Drupal is an amazing platform for making websites. But did you know it’s also a world-class content API that can easily be integrated with a other technologies? In this class you’ll learn how to combine Drupal with Node.js, a popular technology for building highly interactive websites, to build rich digital experiences.

Training Company: Four Kitchens

We are delighted to announce that Nathalie Nahai will be our Wednesday keynote at DrupalCon Barcelona!

Date: Friday, 25 September
Time: 9:00 - 18:00
Location: Barcelona International Convention Center, Room 115
Cost: Free to attend, DrupalCon registration not required

Located in the exhibit hall in the CCIB, Lumturio & Druid's opening reception for DrupalCon promises to be a great time. Whether you spend the day in sprints, training, summits, or just showed up to get your badge early, our doors are open to you. This is also your chance to receive information on how you can enter to win a 4K resolution monitor (that's pretty high) on's website.

The Prenote!

Don't miss it! 8 a.m. Tuesday! Get a good seat for Dries's keynote!
A DrupalCon institution, Robert and jam's opening "Prenote" has been getting people out of bed early and excited about DrupalCon since 2010. What's not to like about an infotainment extravaganza featuring Drupal community stars and friends; music and sing-a-longs; bad jokes; technical tutorials on Git, yodelling, use of the alphabet, or proper beer pouring technique? Especially eye-opening if you've never been to DrupalCon or never gotten up early enough to see one of these yet.

Drop by and pick-up your badge and tote bag and then grab a photo with Dries!

Come collaborate in person with hundreds of other Drupal community members!

Do you know EVERYTHING about Drupal?

Well now it's your chance for you and your crack team of 4 buddies to prove it.

In the grand tradition of pub quizzes, there will be 6 rounds of 10 questions covering everything about Drupal, and a few more about general web topics. Your team will compete with the best of Drupal brains to capture the title of Drupal trivia champions. We'll have small prizes to keep things interesting.

Of course, you'll have to know it all in your head - strictly no use of mobile devices or laptops etc. allowed!