Speaker Resources

This page is a listing of the many resources available for speakers presenting at DrupalCon.

Technical Setup

Speakers are required to arrive at least 15 minutes early for setup. Speakers have access to the session rooms from prior to the first session of the day and also during the breaks. We encourage speakers wishing to present audio/video files or demos to store these files locally on your laptop, rather than relying on an internet connection, which can sometimes fail.

What to Bring

  • Your laptop, with session slides loaded (it doesn't hurt to bring a backup USB)
  • Your laptop's power adapter for European plugs
  • A VGA adapter if your laptop is a Mac or late model PC (we do not use HDMI projection)
  • A slide advancer, if you want one

What We'll Provide

  • Projector
  • Screen in 16:9 format (notes: Slides built to 1280 x 720 pixels will look best)
  • VGA cable (Note: Please bring your VGA adaptor, if needed)
  • European Power supply (Note: Please make sure you have the right electrical adaptor)
  • Podium Mic
  • Audience Mic on stand
  • Audio connection for Laptops
  • Jay, from our archiving team, to help get your laptop setup on our recording equipment. Please arrive early so he has time to help everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long are sessions?
General sessions are 60 minutes and should include 10-15 minutes for audience Q+A. Some sessions may run at 15 minute and 30 minute increments.

How are speakers compensated?
One speaker per session will receive a ticket to attend DrupalCon. Additional speakers will receive a code for early-bird ticket pricing.

Since revenue from DrupalCon is used to fund the Drupal project and Drupal.org initiatives we are unable to provide for speaker's travel expenses or offer a speaker fee.

How can I help improve my session's visibility in the community?
Once your session has been selected, promote it! Encouraging comments helps you better understand what attendees are interested in seeing at DrupalCon.

Remember that site visitors can comment on your session to offer feedback and ask questions. Check back frequently to see what people are saying, use their comments to help clarify the intent of your session, and if appropriate, revise your session proposal based on their feedback.

Is there a special room for speakers to prepare to speak?
Yes! We are providing a speaker room for speakers to relax, grab a coffee, and mentally prepare to present. Before the Con you will receive an email letting you know which room it is located in.

Session recording
We record your session audio and slides and post the resulting video to your session node (generally within a few hours of delivery.) Your video will also be posted to the Drupal Association's YouTube channel. For details, view our Media Policy.

What permissions do I need to present?
Ensure you have explicit permission to share your company/client information, or at what level is appropriate to share. Proposing a session without permission is grounds for session cancellation.