Drupal 8 Theming

Course description

This course is for people wanting to know how to build a theme by practicing. It is best for people who already know the basics of Drupal 8 (block system, region, theme hook suggestion...) but anyone with HTML, JS, CSS knowledge can follow the course.

Starting with the installation of a fresh Drupal 8 site, we will make a copy of the Bartik default theme and then build on top of that. We will see how TWIG works by implementing some template files and add our own library in order to declare new CSS and JS files. Breakpoints, preprocessing and base theme will be covered as well as config files so that the theme could have its own responsive image styles. We will add a jQuery library to our theme in order to use it through template files.

Learning Objectives

The course is all about creating your own theme starting with Bartik theme. The main goals are:

  • understanding the theme layer
  • how to use TWIG and the Debug mode
  • how to add new template file
  • how to add CSS and JS files; declaring and loading a library with dependencies.
  • what are preprocess functions for?
  • how to declare responsive image styles (YAML config files)
Prerequisites for this course

Drupal beginners are welcome but Drupalistas will gain the most from the course. The prerequisite is to have knowledge of templating, CSS and JS. In short, students must know what a theme is. A laptop with a local server and a text editor is needed to follow the session.

Course Information

Date: 21 September

Time: 9:00-17:00

Cost: €450 + VAT early bird rate (through 10 July), €500 + VAT regular rate - includes coffe & pastries before class, lunch and coffee breaks

Company: Trained People

Trainers: Romain Jarraud

Experience Level: Intermediate

Drupal Version: 8.x