Come Run with Us

If you like Drupal and being in shape, Barcelona offers a lot of options for running. There are many routes to follow, each one with its own charms.

Remember, in Google Maps, the venue of DrupalCon 2015 is next to Auditori Forum.

If you are staying in the Hotel Princess or near the CCIB, you can follow these directions:

I only want to run a little

If you want a quick run so you can dedicate more time to Drupal-y things here you are some short routes near the venue

I want to run a lot

For frequent runners and for those into the so called running tourism, here are a few alternative routes that go by some interesting landmarks of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

I Don't Want to Run but I Want to

If you are interested in seeing Barcelona, but running is not your thing,  you can also find some resources for visiting the city in public transportation:


Xavier Morueco 
Local Community Volunteer, DrupalCon Barcelona