Session Submission Live!

With the call for papers officially open, we wanted to take a moment to give you all of the details you should know about sessions: what new and cool tracks we are offering, how to submit an awesome session submission, and how session selection works.


For DrupalCon Barcelona, we will be offering three special tracks that we know that the community has asked for previously: PHP, Project Management and Content Strategy.  We have heard your comments and are excited to bring this programming to Barcelona.  As our community continues to evolve and grow, we want to provide content that is both relevant and helpful.  We hope that you will check out the track descriptions for all three and submit a session to help flesh out these tracks to provide valuable content in their debut.


Along with providing a few new options of tracks for your session submission, we would also like to give some pointers on how to best put together your submission to increase your chances of getting it selected.  As you might know, we receive hundreds of session submissions and it is always a difficult task for our Track Chairs, to determine the sessions that will resonate with their audience while also providing new and fresh ideas along with a diverse range of topics.  When presented with an overwhelming amount of sessions to read through, Track Chairs often comment that these are the top 3 ways that submissions could have done better, so check them out:



It may not seem a big deal to you (because you're the expert), but everyone else will think your topic is great. Bend the web to your will - and show others how to do it for themselves. That is what DrupalCon sessions are all about.


Part 1 | Describe a compelling topic that affects the reader directly, maybe a pain point, or juicy new technology.

Part 2 | Allude to your solution, sharing just enough that the reader has a moment of "I need that do I not know this already?"

Part 3 | Explain how awesome the session will be because you are going to cover "XYZ" and make the reader's life so much better.

Here are some examples:


This seems like a gimme, and to be honest, it is! Help our track teams get to know you by filling out your profile. Tell us a bit about yourself, link to your twitter profile so we can see what interests you, and upload a picture so we can see your happy face.


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the community and we look forward to hearing from you!

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