CIBox - full stack open source Continuous Integration flow for Drupal/Symfony teams

  • Do you have issues with deadlines?
  • Does your team expecting troubles with code review, code quality and estimate for User Acceptance Testing time?
  • You want to increase knowledge exchange for team members but can't put this process on the rails within you workshop.
  • You want to have more control with development process and need to decrease gap between your Devs and Ops.
  • Your wish all the time is to have simple deployment "One button" solution for ability to easy deploy by any team member.

If your answers are "yes, yes, yes..." - welcome to our session.

We've made a solution that can answer with "we did it" for even more questions by using our custom made workflow, based on newest technologies and adopted to be used for development teams from 2 to even 100 members in one team for companies with a lot of teams as well.

You will get a comprehencive guide with a tons of best practices for how to approach fast and easy solution that can bring your business processes inside your team or company to new level of Continuous Integration Development Workflow.

Also if you are technical guy and want to figure out how DevOps can change the way of living for the company - welcome to attend - we will provide some technical explanations with how to approach that and how to minimize risks on a way to success.


@Drupal version 7.x supported...

PS. We are going to have a BOF about sharing best practices about Continuous Integration right after the session. Feel free to attend it.

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Thursday, 24 September, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00
113: Amazee Labs