Content is Drupal's business - so make it yours!

We do so much cool stuff with Drupal that it can be really easy to forget the whole content management thing. I think we all know that content is important, but it frequently gets buried under a long list of complex features and fancy designs that are - frankly - easier to deliver.

I've spoken previously about improving the content editor experience - specific things you can do now to make it better. But during the questions and in conversations after the sessions, I was struck by the number of people who said, 'I totally agree with you, but how do I get this to happen at my company?' and 'Sure but how do we convince our clients to pay for it?'

So maybe we need to talk about that. Why aren't companies spending more time on content and editor experience? It's important, it's valuable, and best of all it's billable! And yet, it's largely ignored.

It doesn't have to be this way! Drupal is such a powerful, flexible system, that you don't need to be an expert content strategist to create a CMS that's easy to use, and deliver a web site that effectively communicates your client's message.

This could be considered a spoiler, but success may require employing someone who can speak to these issues. It can also be achieved by simply changing the perception of 'the content' in your organisation, and not just who's responsible, but who stands to benefit (EVERYONE!) from engaging in 'the content conversation'.

This session aims to:

  • outline the countless ways that caring about content can improve your business - whether you are a development shop, a single sitebuilder or a client
  • demystify terms like content modelling, UX and content strategy to show that you can do it too (and you probably already are)
  • provide strategies to shift the way we treat content, including how to 'sell' it to clients and colleagues

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Content Strategy

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09/23/2015 - 15:45-09/23/2015 - 16:45