Continuous Improvement @ Unic

We would like to talk about our engaging and motivating team culture, and how we manage to keep and improve our ability to innovate, so every employee is passionate and successful in what we do.

Unic is successful in e-business since 1996, today we are represented in three countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and our development centre in Wrocław (Breslau) with 280 employees.

We started with Drupal in 2009 and conducted numerous exciting projects such as (second biggest Drupal page in Switzerland) and (won several awards in 2015, such as the BOSW ). Besides Drupal, we offer our clients Adobe WEM, Hybris & Sitecore, as well as open-source solutions, such as Magento & TYPO3.

Unic’s success is founded on competence, commitment and teamwork. On the basis of respect, trust and an open exchange, we strive to develop ourselves further. We are passionate about our work – and the performance of each individual contributes to the company’s overall success.

To ensure this, Unic takes different measures. The Unic Managementsystem (TQMi) for example is operational since 2008 with specific processes for all our areas of our business (such as Business Management, Personnel Management, Sales, Service Provisioning (with Development) and Supporting Processes). These processes ensure that our high standards are met. Part of this TQMi is the Q-Message system (Quality message), to encourage our employees to suggest improvement ideas etc. We also execute PHP User Groups – which allow regular exchange with the other PHP-Teams at Unic, to ensure that we benefit from the experiences the other teams have in their projects. In 2014 we decided to initiate “OMEALabs” (OMEA is the name of one of our business units), which is operational since the beginning of 2015. OMEALabs gives every member of the team the possibility to spent a large percentage of working time (this is one fixed day per month as well as flexible hours every month) on innovation or topics the team would like to invest time in. Topics that have been discussed by the Drupal team are for example: 

-           Unic Drupal FE Process

-           Behat testing for Drupal

-           Continuous Integration for Drupal

-           Automatic security upgrades for Drupal

-           Deployment/Build Process for Drupal

-           Setup Vagrant Environment

-           Getting to know Drupal8

The focus  of our session will be on how the team uses the labs sessions and why it is an important factor in increasing the teams motivation and engagement. We will present quickly the process and means of the "labs modell" and moreover give an insight on how the team profited from the labs sessions in regards to interesting projects such as the relaunch of We will end by showing how this modell ay be also interesting for other drupal shops/agencies.

More information about Unic may be found at:

Presentation:  30 Minutes slot

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09/23/2015 - 15:45-09/23/2015 - 16:45
116: Pantheon