Cut the crap. Practical tips and real world examples for removing waste from your development process.


What do you like best cutting a feature before launch or rescheduling a recap meeting?

If your answer is "neither" this talk is for you. 

We've worked hard to cut the crap out of our process with some surprising, and some not so surprising results, and we'd like to share with you how we've done it. The success of your project is determined by the management of your project.

  • How you make decisions and explore options.
  • How you budget time and coordinate resources.
  • What tools you use.

And by tools we don't just mean "hey guys, let's use Basecamp” (barf) or “yeah, we shared that Google doc.” By tools we mean the real-world processes and strategies that ensure SUCCESSFUL projects.

  • When/why/and how to structure meetings (yes, you really do need to talk to people!);
  • How to best handle client feedback and minimize risk;
  • The top mistakes programmers and designers make (and how to avoid those).

We'll also share our experiences creating websites (in as little as a week) that have won competitive national awards. It’s a dash of waterfall project management, a cup of agile web development, and a pinch of lean manufacturing.

There are no technical requirements for this session. We will share how Drupal specifically helps us be more efficient, but will not be writing any code in this session.


Session Track

Project Management

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When & Where

Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 - 15:45 to 16:45