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It's a common scenario: several developers on a team and each one has their own variety of LAMP stack on their machine for working on the project. A new person joins the team and it can take days getting up to speed on the project. At the same time, developers need to work on maintenance projects from time to time which require different versions of the software stack.

This session will demonstrate how docker can be used to unify the team's environment and be consistent with the testing server and production. Learn how to bake your infrastructure as code into your project git repo. Run automated tests on the same stack as your developer sandboxes.

We have experienced a variety of pain points using Docker for Drupal development. Come and see how we are using the opensource Bowline Drupal development tools project to overcome these difficulties and have a smooth docker experience for developers, even on OSX. The Bowline demo will show how to configure and build docker containers, use drush commands within the container, and run behat tests. Demo will also show how to easily add and connect Solr container or a second database for working on Drupal migrations. Plus you will see how all of this can be automated on a ci server such as jenkins.

Working on a migration? Inherited a project, and need to support the legacy systems while working on moving to the lasted versions? Want to start working with Drupal 8 for a new site? Bowline provides the tools you need, and builds the tools right into your project.

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David Numan, CivicActions engineer/sysadmin, is the creator of the Docker based Bowline project:

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Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00