Headful Drupal


Headless Drupal certainly is popular, so is fast and maintainable code. This session will talk about JavaScript in general, presenting the latest news about the language and it's ecosystem, and Drupal in particular, exposing how Drupal could benefit from the language's evolution. 

This session will present news from around the frontend world and will be used to talk about:

  • what developers want Drupal JS to do (or not do!),
  • approaches for the Refactor of Doom (RD) that need to happen for JavaScript to be unit-testable (ES6 modules, patterns, etc.),
  • intermediate steps to make some amount of testing possible prior to the RD,
  • tools aimed at Drupal JS developers (eslint plugins, nodejs utilities for Drupal, etc.)
  • frameworks,
  • how to make decoupled implementations easier (aka. giving back some brains to headless implementations)
  • anything else that is important to you.

Core frontend is vastly better than it used to be, so much so that going headless because Drupal is a pain to work with is not an argument that can be made easily. Help us make that argument stronger to prevent people from loosing their head and drive projects to the ground. 

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Core Conversations

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When & Where

Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 - 14:15 to 15:15
122-123: Interoute