Headless D8 in HHVM plus Angular.js and some other things you can only do with Platform.sh


Drupal 8 is an ideal API-driven application framework that plays nice with front-end technologies like AngularJS. This allows the content store and API (Drupal) to be managed as one application, and the front-end (AngularJS) to be managed as a wholly separate application, providing an ideal setup for mobile-first development and parallel working teams. Throw in the HipHop Virtual Machine - the fastest possible way to run PHP, and you're dealing with the most modern and cutting edge use of Drupal available. 

This session will show how Platform.sh provides a complete development and hosting solution for this, and other advanced cases. We'll cover Platform's support for microservice architectures, development environments for each Git branch, and intelligent deployment process that only builds the parts of the application that have changed. Join Robert Douglass & Augustin Delaporte for this hands-on experience, and walk away with a Platform.sh voucher so that you can try it on your own.

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Business Showcase

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Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 - 10:45 to 11:45
120-121: Viacom International Media Networks