Large scale Agile development with Scrum; how to herd a flock of productowners.

I am a proponent of the Agile Manifesto and believe that combined with Scrum development it is the way to get the best out of your team. With this I have been able to deliver the most business value of the Drupal project to my customers. I did encounter some challenges when it came to larger projects.

Scrum determines that there is a single product owner, a single scrummaster and a single team. With bigger customers and projects comes larger and/or more teams on both sides.

It's an Illusion to think there is a single wringable neck (definition of a product owner in Scrum) in a 2000+ people company who is responsible for the business value of the product. So what if the product owner doesn't excist?

Is it the most logical choice to only have product owners on the client side?

This presentation will give you an overview of different methologies and some of my experiences with scaling Scrum.Target audience is the experienced scrum master, product owner or project manager with some basic Scrum knowledge.

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Project Management

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Drupal 9

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09/23/2015 - 15:45-09/23/2015 - 16:45