Linked Data 101: The Non-Terrifying Intro to Semantic Content

Google's new algorithm changes, the BBC and Facebook's graph have brought significant attention to the world of semantically structured information and the power it offers. But what on earth does it all mean? And shouldn't "linked data" really be "linked content"?

Terms like "RDF" and "Semantic structured content" have been floating around for years, but until now they have been WSPRs ("Web Words that Send People Running", or "whispers"). These whispers have be shared in the back corners of the internet and their mere mention often resulted in controversy, anxiety and confusion in marketing teams around the world. Now that we have a critical mass of support to make the general marketing world care, we need simple, non-scary introductions to these concepts and guides for the content strategist to be able to leverage the benefits; without becoming a programmer.

The session has over a decade of experience training on and introducing semantic content concepts to a diverse array of marketers and communicators feeding into it. It's a useful primer to help you understand when and why to leverage these new options and get you started on mastering the tools of the new web.


Session Track

Content Strategy

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Drupal 9

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09/23/2015 - 13:00-09/23/2015 - 14:00