Looking for the value in Content Strategy

Most Drupal agencies consider the development of a content strategy as the client’s responsibility. In a best case scenario, the client at least shares that finalised strategy with the project team. But seldom do we participate in its elaboration or do we dare to question it. So how comfortable are we with content strategy? Do we understand what it’s about?

And looking at it from the client’s side: What information about my content strategy should I share with the project team? Where can they provide input? Should I involve them in its creation?

Finally, a good applied content strategy makes web projects more successful. (Or at least, that’s what content strategists like me would like you to believe). But how can I be so sure about that? What are the usual metrics that proof that point? Where’s the value?

In order to answer all these questions, in this talk we will discuss:

  • what is content strategy

  • 5 common content strategy decisions that impact web projects

  • 5 common technology decisions that might create friction with your content strategy

  • how to measure the success of a good content strategy

The session is aimed at a wide audience that wants to get a better understanding of the role that content strategy plays in a web project.

Are you a developer, designer or project manager? This session will help you understand how content strategy can have an impact on your work. Are you a product owner, site manager, or editor? In that case you will learn how important it is to discuss content strategy with the development team, so technology decisions are in line with your content objectives.

Finally, the measurement advice will give you some additional arguments to show your management what a great job you did on that last project. No matter what side of the table you were sitting on.

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Content Strategy

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Session Time Slot(s)

09/24/2015 - 10:45-09/24/2015 - 11:45
118-119: Platform.sh