Mental Health and Open Source


Mental Health is a subject that touches every single one of us within the community. It's something that people find incredibly difficult to talk about and yet it's so important.

My aim is to educate people on what to look out for and how it could be affecting them.

It uses my own experience with family, friends and colleagues to paint a picture of what depression and anxiety are and how it effects our work and behaviour. I also discuss my relationship with imposter syndrome and how my attitude towards development has changed.

I gave this talk as a lightning talk at PHPNW14 and it won me the first official presentation slot at PHPNW15 something which I’m very proud of. I then gave the talk in its present form at DrupalCamp London 2015 where it was very well received by the community.

I believe that this is a hugely important subject for everyone within the Drupal community and should we should take every opportunity to discuss and learn more about mental health.

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