Next generation graphics: SVG


SVG is an open source tool that has been sitting in the drawer for long, ignored by most of the web development community.

This has changed. SVG has grown in popularity, mainly because of these two factors: extensive support in browsers (even mobile!). And SVG solves a recent headache on the web: the need for crisp graphics in high density displays. 

Drupal core has shifted also many of its graphical assetst to SVG

  • Number of SVG assets in Drupal 7: 0
  • Number of SVG assets in Drupal 8: 78

We will cover, in a fast visual journey, these 3 main topics:

  • When SVG is the right tool?, Where SVG does com from?... let's give it some context inside the web technologies.
  • The dual identity of SVG: Am I a markup language or an image ? Exploring how get the most out of SVG techniques and where are the sweet points where SVG shines.
  • Getting SVG right. Creating SVGs and optimising. Tools that help, although there is nothing like optimizing SVG manually (Let's discuss conventions for contributed SVG assets

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Front end

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Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00