No therapist needed: clients, teams and no tears


I would like to talk or interact using props with the audience to help them engage with their teams, diffuse high pressure customer situations and provide them with the ability to enhance their product quality, their relationships and team dynamic.

After working for the last year as a delivery manager on a distributed team and before that as a project manager, I have seen many products created from printed items to websites that just haven't quite met the customers ideals. Why? Because in one place or another the needs and wants of the client were overlooked. Even with the most diligent of teams it is not always easy to please the customer. Through facilitation, active listening and non violent communication it is possible to help focus the customer, enableing them to realise what they actually need or how they are actually feeling about the projects progress. This generates an environment of transparency, understanding and success.

These techniques can be applied to inhouse teams, clients and even at home, focussing on facilitating conversation and nurturing co workers to work together, to provide maximum output in a healthy workplace.

My presentation aims to present how to impliment and understand different skills to create a more successfull project team and deal with client issues to present positive outcomes.

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Business and Strategy

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Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00
111: Adyax