Our experience with building Drupal 8 Sites in Alpha and Beta


At Amazee Labs we've build the first public facing website with Drupal 8 already 1.5 years ago. These days there was no Beta yet, we used Alpha versions of Drupal 8 and faced quite some issues like not beeing able to upgrade between Alphas or Beta versions.

But it was definitely worth it, today we one of the agencies with the most Drupal 8 sites launched and have a lot of knowledge about Drupal 8, which others are only dreaming about.

In this short session I present how it was to implement multiple Drupal 8 Sites in Alpha and Beta, why we believe that Drupal 8 is the best Drupal release ever and why everybody of Amazee Labs wants to build sites with Drupal 8 now.



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Business Showcase

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Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 - 14:15 to 15:15
120-121: Viacom International Media Networks