Reverse Engineering People


From designers, to DevOps, to your favourite personality-driven work-place scandal, there are a lot of people talking about empathy and why it's so important at work. Perhaps you think it's a waste of time; or maybe you think it's important, but you don't really understand how to apply the technique professionally.

Usually when we say the word "empathy" there's an underlying "woo-woo let's talk feelings" undertone, but it's also a tool you can use to understand what motivates your team; to spot blockers before they become a problem; and to get a "health check" on the projects you oversee. Sounds useful when you read it from that definition, doesn't it.

This session will be broken into three parts:

  • Level 1: "Caring just enough." The basic human skills you know about, and use, outside of work. This section is most relevant to team members who want to promote a healthy workplace culture.
  • Level 2: "Thinking strategies." Using your team’s motivators to help them succeed. This section will be most useful to those who manage people and team leads.
  • Level 3: "Imagination." Learning to complain from the other person’s perspective. This section will be most useful to those who manage people and team leads.

Even if you still aren't comfortable with the "e" word by the end of this talk, you will have a better grasp on how to apply work-place appropriate, tangible techniques to produce higher functioning, happier teams.


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Business and Strategy

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Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 - 11:00 to 12:00
111: Adyax