Visual Regression Testing


Visual regression testing brings automated tests into front end web development. Rather than testing the code internals, visual testing focuses on the outcome, comparing the code’s final output with the expected results at the pixel level.

Shoov is an Open Source visual regression testing tool we developed at Gizra for our internal use. Tying together several existing tools and APIs - GitHub, Behat, Travis, BrowserStack, ngrok and more - Shoov is able to constantly and automatically check site pages, detecting any changes at the output while being intelligent enough to ignore parts of the page which are meant to be dynamic.

In this session, Amitai Burstein (@amitaibu), Gizra's CTO, will explain how Shoov is put together, how it's being used at Gizra for testing and live site monitoring, and how you can use it too.

Session Track

Front end

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Thursday, 24 September, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00
117: Acquia