Self managing organizations, Teal and Holacracy in practice - one year later


At Drupalcon Barcelona Lukas Smith an I, Tonio Zemp, presented the way of the company Liip AG (150 people all in Switzerland) into the self managed and "Teal" world (Self-Managing Organizations: Teal is the new Orange).

We described back then that we figured out beeing a nearly management-less company and are eager to reach a Teal evolution. At the end of the talk we discussed the pro`s and con`s of evolving our own organizational model or take something "of the shelf", namely Holacracy.

We received a lot of great feedback and quite some buzz around that talk.

Now, nearly a year later a lot of things happened. Did go with Holacracy, we officially removed the management positions, we had great successes and great frustrations. We want to be open and share a honest picture of our experience the past year.

We think that these insights will proof very helpful for agencies facing the "Going for Growth" topic.

To reach a broder audience the talk will recap what happened before Drupalcon Barcelona, and give a short introduction into the topic of self managing organizations before the deepdive into our experience of the past year.

So a "beginner" will get at least a first eye-opening experience and some entertainment, an "intermediate" (already read about the topic, maybe attended the talk a year ago) gets encouraged to go this way while an "expert" (working on the same topic) gets valuable insight in real world problems and solutions.

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When & Where

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 12:00 to 13:00
Wicklow Hall 2A | Druid