Why DrupalCon?

Every day developers, designers, and marketers push the boundaries of what’s possible when using Drupal’s flexible, secure, and open platform. DrupalCon provides the stage for exploring the most ambitious and cutting edge case studies, inspiring others to take their work to the next level, and offering to prospective users, a glimpse into “the art of the possible” when you choose Drupal.

At DrupalCon, you'll learn to make, think about, and do things differently with Drupal. Our program includes sessions, summits and tracks for beginners, experts, and everyone between. You'll leave DrupalCon inspired and empowered to create amazing digital experiences.

Learn more about what DrupalCon can offer you. 

Organization Leaders Join industry summits and case study sessions that connect organizations with their peers.
Digital teams Sessions, summits, and trainings level up your teams' skills and build amazing things, together.
Content editors Trainings and sessions designed to make you a power user and a super hero at work.
Digital agencies Programming that helps you strengthen your Drupal business for success.
Decoupled users DrupalCon offers a wide range of sessions that give you the skills you to build your decoupled vision.
Case Studies DrupalCon is the place to learn how amazing digital experiences were created and the business impact they delivered.
Community Meet the community, get involved in the project - and make special friendships along the way.
New attendees From networking events to beginner trainings and sessions to community activities, there are many ways to feel like you belong at DrupalCon.