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DrupalCon Seattle 2019 session. Photo by Rob Shea.
Photo by Rob Shea

Make the most of your marketing efforts with DrupalCon’s newest track specifically for content editors, marketing teams, and site owners—the marketing professionals responsible for generating content and constructing user journeys—using Drupal sites.

When this track debuted at DrupalCon Seattle 2019, it sold out! We’re expanding its offerings at DrupalCon Minneapolis, including additional programming to connect marketers and end users seeking to transform content delivery in their customer journeys with new tools. 

Industry experts will share their successes, challenges, and the power of using Drupal for content collaboration across organizations to ensure exceptional marketing results for teams and audiences; these are just a sampling of the timely offerings: 

SUMMITS - on Monday & Tuesday, with separate registration

  • Media & Publishing Summit: Study tools, processes, and ways of thinking to thrive in the B2B or B2C publishing industry through the 2020s, including next-level personalization, and subscription data products. 
  • Agency Leadership Summit: This is dedicated to the issues, opportunities and solutions for agency leaders, with insight from the Drupal Contribution Recognition committee, Drupal Association staff and peers.

TRAININGS - on Monday & Tuesday, with separate registration


  • Featured session: Building a flexible digital brand: Activist and Organizer Leslie Mac shares the story of Black Womxn For, an online and offline project created to be a container for the political work of black women and gender-nonconforming people in the 2020 Democratic Primary. Leslie will share how the leadership team of national thought leaders came together to create a digital brand solid enough for people to resonate with, but flexible enough to adjust to something as volatile as an election cycle.
  • Contextual, not creepy-Personalization tools, tricks & tips: More than half of your website visitors are okay with providing personal information as long as it’s for their benefit and being used in responsible ways. How do we, as marketers, use this information for good and not evil? Learn about empathy mapping. 
  • Digital psychology & persuasion to increase user engagement: Utilize the principles of design, behavior modeling techniques, and heuristic analysis to boost your conversions and improve the overall user experience of your website.
  • Drupal as a digital asset management system: See how the complex needs of galleries, libraries, archives and museums are addressed in a digital asset platform now known as Islandora. 
  • How "open" applies to marketing: Learn more about open source technology and an open approach to integrations, APIs, machine learning, data and more. 
  • Inclusive content strategy: As content authors, this is to help ensure our readers feel that we're speaking with them, not at them. We’ll look beyond the semantic markup and structured content to see the strategic value of inclusive, well-written content.


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