New Orleans 2016

News & Updates

Core Conversations are a place for people actively working on and contributing to Drupal to meet, discuss, and plan the future of Drupal.

This is the place for big ideas about the future of Drupal, as well as discussions about where we want to go and how we are going to get there. Where regular tracks and sessions focus on the present and immediate future, Core Conversations are about long-term.

Each session is a conversation, so it has a short presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion with the audience.

For the first time in the US, DrupalCon New Orleans will have a dedicated PHP track. The Drupal project is written in PHP, however dedicated PHP sessions were often not included. That has now changed! The goal of the dedicated track is to expose shared experiences between the PHP and Drupal communities. Through these shared experiences, new tools, abilities, and ways of thinking are exposed to make everyone better developers.

This will be the first year that Project Management will have it’s own track at a DrupalCon in North America. Usually a part of the Business track, Project Managers now have a specific track that is being shaped and molded into two levels of sessions, one for the new project managers that are looking to catch up to speed with best practices and basic techniques and then an intermediate session level to discuss some of the more technical aspects of project management.

The Business track at Drupalcon New Orleans aims to fill the dual role of highlighting how Drupal can solve business problems as well as how members of the community are growing and scaling their own businesses.

The Drupal community has a long history of collaboration and sharing our collective experiences, especially when we all gather at Drupalcon. Together we can help each other get better at selling Drupal as a powerful solution, scaling our teams and improving our processes. We can also share our Drupal success stories, to highlight to others evaluating Drupal.