New Orleans 2016

News & Updates

This year, DrupalCon North America heads to New Orleans, and I can't tell you how excited I am. Together with all the other members of our local Louisiana Drupal user group, we are truly looking forward to hosting the Drupal community as much as you all are excited to come experience everything New Orleans has to offer. For those visiting for the first time, I hope your expectations are exceeded. For those of you who are familiar with New Orleans, we welcome you back, and I hope you will be comforted with old haunts.

Think you’ve got Drupal or web smarts? We’re seeking mind-blowingly good sessions for DrupalCon New Orleans, and want to hear from you about what you know best.

We have a lot of opportunities to get your experience as part of the DrupalCon program and invite you to check out the multiple ways that you can share your knowledge and passion for Drupal after you look over our tips on how to get your proposal selected.

For those of us who have been breathlessly waiting since you saw the jazz band in Los Angeles, registration for DrupalCon New Orleans is open at last!

Coming up in May, DrupalCon New Orleans promises to be a fantastic time — so make sure you register today to get the earlybird rate.

For individuals in the Drupal community who want to attend DrupalCon but are unable to do so due to financial considerations, the Drupal Association is pleased to offer scholarships and grants. Whether you need Drupal or Drupal needs you, we're here to help qualified individuals make their dreams of attending DrupalCon a reality.

So, how does it work? There's a bit of a difference between scholarships and grants, which were introduced for DrupalCon Prague. The difference can be summarized in the two following phrases:

Where y’at! The DrupalCon New Orleans site is here and ready for you to submit your proposals for trainings, scholarships, and grants.

Happening in the Big Easy this May, DrupalCon New Orleans is going to be a colorful, exciting expression of the Drupal Community’s diversity, creativity, and fun. New Orleans is a city unlike any other, and this DrupalCon promises to be exceptional. Join us for the first North American DrupalCon since the release of Drupal 8 for a healthy dose of culture, history, and all things Drupal blue.