New Orleans 2016

News & Updates

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Keynote voting. We had over 200 community members share their opinions on which issue that is facing the community right now should be shared on the mainstage.

Come for the code, stay for the community. That’s more than a tagline for Drupal, it’s a manifesto. Having our community members bring topics to the mainstage to share with all Con attendees is an incredible way for them to contribute back and really make an impact on the Drupal community.

Thursday at DrupalCon New Orleans, we will highlight the community by showcasing a Community Keynote on the main stage. This means that someone from within the community will share their experience on stage with you about issues that you're interested in.

On Monday night at midnight the Call for Papers for DrupalCon New Orleans closed. The programming team couldn't be more excited to announce that we received a record number of submissions for sessions and training classes. Hundreds of unique speakers from around the world sent in their amazing ideas for Drupal users of all levels of expertise, and here's an overview of the amazingness that was the DrupalCon New Orleans CFP.

Thank you to all that submitted!  We have a wealth of strong session proposals, training course submissions and worthy grant and scholarship recipients.  Look for more details in the coming days on the content that we have received and are reviewing for your DrupalCon New Orleans.

Calling all Drupalers! The call for papers for DrupalCon New Orleans closes at 11:59 PM CST this upcoming Monday, February 29. There are only a few days left for you to submit your proposals for sessions, training courses, or for financial assistance requests through grant and scholarship applications.